Manny Rivera-Matthews

Manny Rivera-Matthews has been an all breed groomer for the past five and a half years. He is passionate about grooming and working with dogs. He has had some challenging doggies come into the shop but as anyone in the business knows, a little love and patience can go a long way. He has two dogs of his own, Water Douglas, a Pugalier, and Kingston Stanley, a Cavalier.  It sounds obnoxious that they have middle names but there's a silly story behind it. When his first dog Walter was a puppy, he stayed at Manny's sisters house over the weekend because he was going to be attending a wedding. On his way back from the wedding, Manny called his sister and told her he was on his way to pick up Walter, to which she replied, "Who’s Walter?" Many said, "The dog." It turns out that Manny's sister had been calling Walter, Douglas the entire weekend. Ever since he's been Walter Douglas. Kingston literally marched into Manny's life and hearts when he was 8 years old and had some health issues due to neglect. Kingston was very shy and scared for some time but with lots of love and treats he began to flourish, he is now a miracle dog at 17 years old. Although his heart isn't in the greatest shape and he has to take daily medication, he is still a very happy-go-lucky dog. Since Walter had two names Manny felt that it would only be fitting for Kingston to have a middle name too. Manny found the name through helping his nephew with his Flat Stanley project in school. He liked the idea of Kingston taking a picture with Flat Stanley and bam—Kingston Stanley.